Frequently Asked Questions

About Membership

The primary focus of the park is wildlife restoration, and lower impact use. We are moving away from being a public commercial campground.  Click to JOIN!

Why do we ask you to email us?

 We spend most daylight hours working in the park, and do office work as able.  Coordinating sites is complicated, and we do not want to miss any details! We keep careful records on our guests, and need to be clear on mutual understandings and expectations.

When is Check-In and Check-Out time?

 Check-in is 2PM, Check-out 12 Noon. No arrivals after 9PM please. If you want to come early or stay late for an additional fee, please check with us to be sure your Site is available! 

What is included with a campsite?

All our campsites are on the riverfront.   Each one has a picnic table, fire pit, water and electricity. RV sites have full hookups and require backing into. Launch for your Kayak is included with camping. Trailered or motorized boat launch and dock is additional. There are shared bathrooms, with coin operated showers

What about Campfires?

We provide small fire rings. Bring your own grill and firewood. 

Keep fire rings near the road. No wood with nails, it could be your flat tire! No wood collecting in the park, downed wood is important habitat. Fires will be banned during high risk times

Do cell phones work in the park?

           We have good Verizon coverage in the park, other carriers are spotty

What about internet?

           There is WiFi by the gate, at the entrance to the park. Ask camp host for password

Where can I get firewood? Other essentials?

The Albion Grocery store on the other side of the river usually has it, whatever you need...  We do not sell supplies or firewood here. 

Do we rent Kayaks?

Schooners Kayak use is available only to Schooner Members while camping here, after completing online waivers.  Join Now!  Rentals may be available from our neighbors, at the Albion River Campground  (707) 937-0606

Can I fish in the river? 

Please fish in the ocean. This is a Wildlife Restoration area.  We are the nursery and sanctuary  for spawning ling cod, rockfish, and a few remaining salmon. We do NOT encourage fishing. Please fish in the ocean.

F&G River Regulations​   (Hint- must search the linked document for  'Albion')

        Closed April and May. Otherwise barbless hooks, no bait 

 F&G Ocean Regulations (just to be complete...)

Wildlife? Lions and Tigers and Bears?

No Tigers. Mountain Lions and Black Bears do roam the Mendocino Coast ridges. We have not seen them in the campground. Watch your trash! And your kids...

We have abundant smaller animals. Raccoons, skunks, chicmunks, opossums... Remember we are the guests in their territory. Please don't feed them,  for their health, and yours. They need their wild instincts to survive

Can I swim in the river?

The water is cold, and currents can be fast. Wetsuits recommended. Please do NOT climb on the riverbank, erosion is a serious problem

What about the Water?

"The domestic water supply for this area is provided by a state small water system. State regulatory requirements for operation of a state small water system are less extensive than requirements for larger public water systems. If you have questions concerning your water supply, you should contact Schooners Staff at 707 937-5707, or Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health (707) 234-6625"


We get our water from lateral wells deep in the hillside. It is high in mineral content, and prone to a fine silt sediment. It is chlorinated on-site, and we undergo routine county inspections.Water at the Fish Cleaning Stations is untreated, and is not recommended for drinking

What site will I be in?

We will try to give you the site you want, however we reserve the right to assign sites to campers, or switch sites for any reason. There will be NO DOGS or any other animals allowed in the area of our water supply. Large tent groups may  be assigned to Sites 1-4.

Are we Pet Friendly?

No. We sometimes tolerate pets, but pets really do not belong in a wildlife restoration area. Our pet fee is higher than most. It is meant too discourage guests from bringing dogs, and to begin to remediate to damage they do. Erosion, noise disturbance, diseases spreading to wildlife (think of Smallpox spreading to the Native Americans…), plus the joys of weed eating into dog feces.

-Our insurance does not cover aggressive dog breeds including Pit bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers.

-Any dog that digs, barks, lunges, growls or chases people or wildlife will be banned.

-NO DIGGING- erosion is a big problem here

-No exotic pets (ferrets, pigs, etc...)

 See for pet boarding options.

What is the policy on service animals? Other dogs or pets?

We follow the ADA service dog law, which specifically states:

How “Service Animal” Is Defined:

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.  The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability.

-Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA.

-In California, pretending to be an owner of a service dog is a criminal misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 (and/or up to six months imprisonment).

-ANY dog that shows signs of aggression (lunging, growling, excessive barking) will be banned from the park.

What is the policy on damage to the campground?

We inspect sites between visitors. If your area is damaged (examples: digging by dogs, spilled oil or chemicals, cutting vegetation, use of herbicides, or damage to water or power poles) you will be fined $50 minimum,and not invited back. If you tell us about it first, and help with repairs, you may be allowed to return.  Or invited to be on staff...

Can I get a refund?

Your deposit is NOT refundable, unless we are unable to host your visit.  The remainder of your balance is fully refundable up to a week in advance. If you cancel between one week, and 7AM the day before arrival, we will refund 50% of your  fees.  No refunds due to weather conditions. No show, leaving early, or cancellation the day before is NOT refundable. Email notification (for time stamp)is preferred.

How can I help? Service Opportunities for Campers

Take responsibility for your Site and your group. Set a good example.

Use peer pressure to encourage good behavior!

Let us know if you see problems. Offer solutions

Weeding- pull mustard and thistles only.  Ask for training if you want to learn more

Link for Volunteer Waivers

We may offer a few WorkStudy positions coordinated thru Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms, USA (WWOOF-USA®)