Keep Schooners Open for Camping!


Support the restoration efforts

Be part of the family

Enjoy quieter, low impact camping

Many (most…) Sites and Dates will be reserved for Members only


Use our Kayaks while camping


Cool adventures with the Noyo Marine Science Center

Help the Kelp ~ Fight Purple Urchin! 

Citizen Science Projects


Free camping on scheduled Work Days

Up to 5 campers per site without added fees

Early check-in if Site available (check first)

Better refund policy up to 2 days before arrival


Save the Planet…

One hour of service/site is requested for each night of camping

(easy fun stuff, mostly)



  • Membership is not accepted with out Application and Waivers done on our website.


    After Payment you will get a downloadable PDF with helpful Info. 

    Tech support tip- PDF isnt really needed, info will also be on the members website.

    I needed to create a 'product' for the system to work

Schooners Landing Selkie Cove

PO Box 218

Albion, CA 

(707) 937-5707