Winter Storms

It's been a crazy winter. 50MPH winds with supersaturated soil, after 5 years of drought. Here is a Video from the Flats.

We have power outages and huge trees down every storm. It's mostly the 100 year old Doug Firs high on the cliff. Trees that began after Schooners Redwoods were used to rebuild San Fransisco following the 1906 earthquake. Each of them takes out a row of its neighbors as it falls. The campground has been blessed, most of them barely tap us with their tips. Nothing we can't fix!

This one blocked the road with its 6 inch diameter tip. We used it as a 'Quail Ladder' to explore above! It is down now, too dangerous and tempting for the kids to climb...

Two smashed camper poles, I fixed them myself

The Docks were spared

Each tree down leaves an empty space- for planting Redwoods! There have been zero Redwoods falling, their roots hold the forest and the cliffs together

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