Summer Update from the River

Big news! Help is here!

We have been joined by A-Wei (Garrett) Lu, a skilled diver and waterman, who will be our Recreation Coordinator and Marine Conservation Specialist this summer. He is a freediver, and recreational spearfisherman, and is passionate about the restoration of Albion River and neighboring Kelp Forests. He is committed to spreading environmental and marine conservation literacy through education, activism, and recreation. He will be helping Dave Arnold and Gabriella as camp host during the summer season, and taking leadership of the Urchin Removal Event planned for July 21-23. He is also a talented young musician...

With the support of our Camp Hosts, we will be able to welcome a few more campers this summer! Still preserving the quiet atmosphere, and lower human impact... we are all guests of the river

A Wei says...

As a lifelong Californian waterman and a frequenter of the North Coast, there is nothing that feels closer to home for me than sun-dappled kelp forests. Now, arriving at the turning point of a massive ecological shift, I am endeavoring to work with partners local and regional this summer to “help the kelp.”

This summer, through assisting Gabriella at Schooner’s Landing, my aim is to contribute to the restoration of those kelp forests through community involvement, recreation coordinating, and education. I hope that I might leverage my multifaceted experience in writing, public relations, cross-cultural relations, dive instructing, and freediving to contribute to both Mendocino's kelp forest ecology and to the global marine conservation discussion. This summer, I am continuing the fight for a better ocean on the margins of society where impact is felt the most, working in tandem with others equally concerned for the well-being of our life support system.

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