Update from the River ~~ 2020

Dear Campers, Friends and Allies,

Its been another difficult year for our Earth Home. Loosing protective ice fields, wildfires out of control, political insanity, etc etc. It looks to me like humans racing towards destruction as fast as we can...

My little old lady human self feels so small and powerless in the face of this destruction. Planet at the tipping point. My remaining power and service is devoted to preserving the small pocket of life under my stewardship here in Albion. Rededicating to River~Ocean~Forest.

Restoration work is going well. I am planting another 100 redwoods this year, in the gaps left by treefall and small slides. The first batch, planted four years ago to replace eucalyptus up front is doing great! Finally found their roots and grew 6-8 inches this winter. Home free, a new redwood grove overlooking the historic site of the Albion Lumber Mill.

Restoring the river bank with willows, alders and thimbleberries, using hyper-local native plants is successful beyond belief. Wetlands recreating themselves! There's a FROG living in what was parking lot a couple years ago in the picture below! 3/4 mile of bank, me and my little shovel planting like crazy all winter, making progress... Baby Marshes are reestablishing behind the wall, so happy. I am blocking off several wet camp sites for restoration, and merging other sites for a better low impact camp experience. Replanting the riverbank with watershed hyper-local native plants is successful beyond belief. Wetlands recreating themselves!

We will be open for camping July, August, September. Volunteer visits are still possible off season. We continue to host Restoration, Education, and Retreat groups here, such as the Noyo Marine Science Kids Camp. This summer will again bring public Sing to the River Bonfires.

I am using the screening question "What are you doing about Climate Change?" for visitors. There is no right answer, but I am not willing to engage with climate deniers, or folks who aren't even trying. I have raised general prices to support the restoration work, and will offer a free night of camping with a day of volunteer work. Membership discounts continue.

I would like to offer the possibility of staying as a Camp Host this summer. Two week minimum, July Aug and September only. Here is a link with more info. https://www.schoonerslanding-albion.com/camphost-apply

Join our new Facebook Group, Selkie Cove Restoration!

Love from the River


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