We are guests of the river


This is a wild place. Enter at your own risk.  


Visitors may be subject to unforeseen attacks

of awe and wonder, as well as

floods, falls, landslides, falling rocks and trees, 

currents, storms and tsunamis.

This is not a video game, the dangers are real!


Docks, paths, and stairs are slippery

Tides and currents are unpredictable

No kids on docks without lifejackets

Keep your dogs on leash

Stay away from seals, they need their privacy. And they bite

 Watch the weather

Waves and hypothermia can be killers


Look out for each other



Damaging  the park or its inhabitants

Explosives, guns, fireworks or weapons 

  Speeding on land or water.  This is a wildlife refuge, no wake zone, 5 MPH

  Violence, fighting or bullying

  Illegal drugs or drunkenness 



Please remain aware and respectful  

Immense forces of nature are at work!

Let us know if you find any problems


Guests who can not comply will be evicted without refund 

Gated site, entrance by permission only