On the Albion River

schooners landing

selkie cove

NOYO Purple Urchin Removal Event

July 26-28, 2019



Thank you for your good work!

Schooners Landing is now a restoration area, not a commercial campground

We have dedicated the park to River~Ocean~Forest, 

towards a much lighter human impact, and  protecting the seedbank for our future.

We ask all our campers to support the restoration efforts, and to follow strict environmental standards.

There are a limited number of campground memberships available

 Most sites and dates are available for members only

Your work with the Purple Urchin is so important.

Thank you

Schooners Membership is not required for this event

We do require registration with full commitment and support of our Rules of the River

Our tiny staff will be out diving with you, so campers need to be self sufficient and respectful of the space

Event price is $40/night in our Middle section.

Urchin Alliance Diver Craig will be your camp host


We are not pet friendly- wildlife is our priority

Pet attendance at the event requires Membership and full price payment


This is a wild place.    

We are all guests of the River



Schooners Landing Selkie Cove

PO Box 218

Albion, CA 

(707) 937-5707